STARBUCKS handy carrier for coffee cup and take-out meal

A PACK is a handy carrier consisted of sandwich box and coffee cup. It is a way to pack together easily and helps users to carry with one hand.





No carrier to pack and carry together

People buy coffee and food together, but these are always packed with different packaging. And also people hold a lot of stuffs with coffee and it is difficult to control. 



A pack_mission.jpg





One step packing and time saving

In the traditional way, they use a paper bag that takes time to make form and put the sandwich box step by step. In a new way, it is only one step to pack that saves time; put the box on the bottom of the carrier and the cup on the top of it.




Two hands

One hand




Reduce and recycle materials

It consists of a sheet of cardboard, Innovating in recycling and food packaging and developing comprehensive recycling solutions for paper and packages.