My name is Youju Lee 

“ A good designer is made of love, passion and life.”

LOVE is a designer’s desire to help others. PASSION is the energy and fuel to design in a meaningful and lasting way. LIFE is designing from one’s own experience to truly move others.

Creating something new can be very painful. Learning new skills necessary for the research and development, to the hours spent formulating ideas and pushing the limits, there is no such thing as a short cut. When the design process is complete, the happiness I feel watching others identifying with my work is so fulfilling, evidence that I was able to create something of worth.

Good design for me must meet three simple criteria:

First, it must meet people’s needs and in turn, influence them to buy the product. Next, it should be aesthetically stunning, a design that makes you want to see it again. Lastly, it should evoke that WOW factor, that moment of awe.

I want my designs to qualify in these three aspects and my goal is to be a designer who can help people realize beauty and a new value for life in a way they have not yet experienced.

Thank you for visiting! 


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