My name is Youju Lee.


I am a recent graduate with B.S in Product design from ArtCenter College of Design. 

I believe, “ A good designer is made of love, passion and life.”

LOVE is a designer’s desire to help others. PASSION is the energy and fuel to design in a meaningful and lasting way. LIFE is designing from one’s own experience to truly move others.

Good design for me must meet three simple criteria:

First, it must meet people’s needs and in turn, influence them to buy the product. Next, it should be aesthetically stunning, a design that makes you want to see it again. Lastly, it should evoke that WOW factor, that moment of awe.

I want my designs to qualify in these three aspects and my goal is to be a designer who can help people realize beauty and a new value for life in a way they have not yet experienced.

Feel free to contact me with opportunities, or feedback, any questions you may have regarding my work.

Thank you for visiting! 

Email _ youjuleedesign@gmail.com

CV/Resume _ here