Annular eclipse clock

A shadow time created by lighting

Annular eclipse clock is an innovative clock that enables users to feel the passing of time visibly, which the front transparent face in the morning gradually become to be darkened as evening approaches. During the night, the clock turns as lighting, and shadow hands and points indicate the exact time. It makes users to read time, even in the dark.




Inspired by Annular Eclipse

This idea started from natural phenomena, Annular Eclipse, which the sun appears as a very bright ring, surrounding the dark disk of the Moon. When I saw this natural phenomena, I thought about how this beautiful element be interpreted through clock.





Lighting + Shadow

To develop the light and shadow which is the elements of the annular eclipse, I tested out multiple structures to figure out the appropriate shadow shape of the clock design.  









A new method of reading time

As the passing of a day, the clock face darkens and the hands are magically transformed into the shadow. I suggest a product of notion-diversion got from the old time- reading method like sundial.





During daytime, users can read time as normal clock. The transparent plate becomes dark when evening approaches, the clock turns as mood light and shadow shows time so that they do not need to turn on the lighting to read time. 




Feel the passing of time visibly

Make time reading possible, even in the dark