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The next workspace control tower

Enlighten will serve as a control tower to help you to create more efficient work environment by turning any surface into a smart surface. It will transform your workspace into unlimited real space with tangible interaction.






Changed workspace environment

Our workspaces have changed. Recently, we have used a lot of digitized tools. Advanced technologies like cloud sync and advanced user interface allow people to make the working environment more efficient. However, our screen has limitations in space.





Need a new working experience on the desk

Now, it’s time to change the working experience on our desk to include advanced ways of writing notes, managing schedules, and keeping organization related to work. We need a new control tower that can optimize our workspace and support our work interactively.






The best location to look down and determine workspace

The design language of our new platform for a smart desk device started with finding the best angle to look down on our work space and manage all of the information within the users’ radius of action. The desk lamp position helps users to manage information in a comfortable zone and also extend workspace boundaries.






Smart desk lamp

Users will be able to control a variety of information, not only the information on the screen, but also the information outside of the screen at the same time. Enlighten also allows you to move away from the rectangular screen and arrange the desired information in a comfortable position. 






Interaction of user and product in the physical space

By turning any surface into a smart surface, users are able to directly interact with a computer with their hands. Users can enlarge their screen and display contents around the desk. Information can be imported as data from a document by selecting the necessary parts with their finger. Enlighten can also show contents from your smartphone and laptop on the desk, which allows users to keep track of notes, sketches or drawings in a simple way.









Enhance user's privacy and work security

Enlighten helps enhance the individual’s privacy. It enables users to maintain a clean environment after working by turning off all information around the desk. It protects personal information from others.

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Two adjustable projectors and depth camera trace user's movement

When you tap and hold the top part of the body, the body will be elevated and projector will turn on. There are two adjustable projectors which cover deskside and wallside separately. And a depth camera will trace user’s movement and actions.






Simple, intuitive control button

When users tap the top part of the body, the light and projector will turn on and off. The vertical type of control button on the side of the face of the main body enables users to control lighting brightness and volume of speaker easily. 






Freedom of adjusting lighting

When users tap the top part of the body, the light will turn on and off. The lighting part consists of linear LED bar that changes its brightness when a user swipes the side face of the main body. The ball hinge gives freedom when adjusting angle of lighting area.






Hidden speaker and Magnetic wire controller

There is a speaker in the lower body which can be connected to Bluetooth devices. The inside gap between the body and speaker functions as ventilation. The electric wire act as a design element with an accent color and exposed design.



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Better concentration on work, Maximize efficiency and workflow