New music system

Music App + Wireless bone conduction earphones

HEARHERE is a music system that enables a new way to discover and share music with others through social interaction and occurrence. This product system consists of wireless bone conduction earphones and mobile application. The earphones are transformed two different modes that fit in different situation.




Repetitive experience & recommendation

Different place, Different way




Tired of repetitive music experience 

The current music applications provide the same format and repetitive recommendation based on user’s playlist. People are looking for better way of recommendation. It is hard to get the behind story of song and people devalue music a little more when they don’t get to know the background story. Also, People tend to have different behavior at different situation and places while they are listening to the music.  






Music is related to location and memory

Music can help bring back some of those special moments of their lives that they have forgotten when they listen to the music again. Having personal behind story of song gives more appreciation to others. It is also a way to express characteristics, personal taste and experience.






Find out a comfortable form of the ear 

Based on measurement of components, we tried to make various mockups and test out those to figure out what form is perfectly fit in the ear. 






 HEARHERE gives users a new music experience

Music App + Wireless bone conduction earphones

HEARHERE consists of earphones and application. Wireless bone conduction earphones enable users to get notification from App and discover a music anywhere, anytime.  




Simply transformed

Earphones are transformed two different modes; noise cancelling and speaker. Users can change mode depending on their needs and situation.  






Explore sounds around you and Stay tuned anytime,anywhere

Bone conduction earphones

It allows users to listen to not only music, but also surrounding sounds. This device gives you a comfortable experience without needing to take it off.






Fully immersed in music, evoking memory

Noise canceling mode

The noise cancellation option helps users to be fully immersed in music. When the user activates the noise canceling mode, thin fabric covers the ear and it visually shows that the user doesn't want to interrupt. 



Share music and story, Listen together 

Speaker mode

If individual earphones are connected with each other, they are able to function as a speaker. Users can create various sized speakers by combining anywhere from 2-4 earpieces.





Explore and share music based on location and memory

HEARHERE music application

HEARHERE music application allows users to explore a new music based on location and behind the story of the song. People are able to not only discover music related other memories, but share their valuable moments with music.The idea of posting music based on location enables individuals to explore and set up throughout their surroundings and create new experience.




Main page

When you open HEARHERE app, main page shows songs with behind of stories and photos. It helps you to remind the moment that you have listened to the music. Also, you can easily see all the friend's Newsfeed that have been uploaded.


Explore music and people

HEARHERE app allows you not only to discover music around you on the map, but also to find out people who have same music taste. 


Share your story

When you want to share your a valuable moment with others, you can take a photo and include the story with music. After then, when you come back the place where you create the memory, App gives you notification, which helps you to remember the valuable moment.




Easy to carry and charge the device

A portable case functions as charger. To charge your earphones, put them on the side of case and users will be able to charge the case with or without earpieces inside. It allows users to charge on the go.




Explore music, Evoke memories, and Share stories